Mechatrowego Eva Unit 01 – Plastic model review with Assembly and Full painting

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Eyecatch picture Mechatroweego

This is the review of the Mechatrowego Eva Collaboration Series Vol.5 Unit-01 + Shinji Ikari(Resin Kit), 1/20 Scale, Color-Coded Plastic Model, released by Hasegawa.

This article shows about…

  • Review of kit
  • Painting process, how does paint way works well
  • Remarks for the Decales

Picture of Nornal state

No way!?


Picture of angry face




Mechatrowego Eva Unit 01

Mechatroweego Eva Collaboration series Vol.5 Unit-01 “Shogouki”

The plastic model maker Hasegawa has released various variations of the MechatroWeGo. The Eva Collaboration series has been lined up from Unit-0, but this Vol.5 Unit-01(another word is “Shogouki”) + Shinji Ikari 1/20 scale, is a limited edition.

Each Eva contain the resin figure.
Of course, Unit-01 “Shogouki” is with Shinji Ikari’s resin figure.
(Not built yet for this review)

Ikari Shinji before open the package


Unit-01 ”Shogouki” Paint & Decals

Overall of view

Picture below shows the state that the seams are erased, painted and decals are applied.

Front view & Rear view

Picture of view from front and rear


Kit review (Pictures)

Hatch opening

Picture when hatch is opening


This is he form when boarding

Picture when boarding form


This is the state of Painting done, before paste decals

Picture before decaling



Picture of waking up


About the Kit


Assembling as you follow the instructions of containing, there is nothing particularly difficult.



The seams are remaining at the shoulders and the outer cover of the thigh, the body of the arms and legs, and the horn.

The body of arms and legs can be almost hidden with the outer covers, but I would like to erase the seams of the outer cover.



Basically, it is enough color-molded when the bare assembly state.

For upgrading, I did painting on some parts as color-coded as shown in the following photos.

e.g. Instep, heel, side duct, power supply cover, parts inside the back cover

Picture about painting part better to do




This painting way is not only for this kit, but also most of all plastic-model work, that is to do painting with several times for better painting quality.

Those pictures are shown about differences of the painting appearance when to do painting 3 times.


Painted once with the brush

Picture shows painting quality of 1 time paint



Painted twice

Picture shows painting quality of 2times paint



Painted 3 times.

Oh! became glossy and nice appearance!

Picture shows painting quality of 3times paint







Remarks for the decals to paste well onto the kit

the highest difficulty of this kit is the decals.

  • Chest and Abdomen: ①④ is particularly difficult to paste on a curved surface, because it is so large size decal. I made spend a lot of time for this part to paste ①②③④ while checking the position and balance of the seams (gap). I recommend that better to use a mark setter etc. that like not to dry quickly and keep a state of soft and wet until position of decal is fixed. Otherwise decal will be torn easily.
  • Horn : Decal is separated to left and right ⑮⑯ decals. The shape is tapered toward the tip. Thus a gap might be occurred if the pasted position shifts to the root wards, and if shift to the tip, it will be overlapped. so process with caution.
  • Shoulder: Decals are separated to 3 pieces ⑫⑬⑭ and to paste on a curved surface. There is 1 set spare.
  • Knees: Decals are separated to 3 pieces as ⑧, ⑨ and ⑩. At first, paste ⑧ and ⑨ on the curved surface, then put ⑩ on top of ⑧ and ⑨. I recommend that paste ⑩ after ⑧ and ⑨ is dry enough.
  • Eyes: It’s relatively easy to paste decals if you gently put it in hole of eyes and gently press it with a cotton swab.

on the other hand…

  • Power supply cover decal: “Caution” and “Power supply” can be selected.
  • “Nerv” on the back cover : feel getting excited!



How was Mechatrowego?

The assembly is easy, and I thought it would be nice to paint instead of decals where large areas of.

How about choosing your favorite Eva series and finishing it as cute to your liking?


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